Why tessellations?

I’m just a kid that still likes to draw. From early on, in the crib, with any available medium. Fortunately back then, oil-based wall paint was easily washable.

I was never really into painting beautiful landscapes, I’ve tried. I’ve dabbled in many media, watercolours, screenprinting, pottery, weaving, digital graphic design, animation, carving.

I simply like to lose myself in a zen-like space and float with whatever current takes me away. I carve this way too. It’s amazing where you can end up. Surprizes around every bend. I am fortunate enough to have a few spare hours a week to indulge, and tessellate. If you wander about the blog, you may start wondering. And that’s good.

We used to play a game when we were kids, “dessines-moi un barbo!” One of us would do a quick scribble on a piece of paper and hand it over to another player. The task at hand was to convert that scribble into something recognizable. Cheap game, easy game. Good to develop creativity.

Going from two simple lines to a complete tessellation.

Going from two simple lines to a complete tessellation.

My aim for this blog is to share with other people, my enthusiasm about tessellations. Adults and children. Kids love the whole idea. Tessellating teaches great skills, creativity, geometry concepts, symmetry, observation… Learning to look at the world around you with more intensity and a new point of view. Truly seeing and not just glancing up from your smart phone. Although KaleidoPaint is available on iPhone as well!

I prefer few words and many images. Just like my aim when it comes to designing PowerPoint slides. Which I do for a living.





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