KaleidoPaint is now on Android!

The Android version of KaleidoPaint is finally finished and publicly available. I would like to share this spectacular and free app with the group Broug Atelier for Islamic Geometric Design.

The link for the new Android version is:


While the iOS version remains at this link:



Here are a few sketches I’ve done with this app, based on Eric Broug’s helpful book: Islamic Geometric Patterns. I am by no means an expert, I’m sure many artists of this type of design can push the app far beyond my meagre attempts.

This tessellation, Mustansiriya Madrasa, is drawn with one single strategically placed line!

Tessellation in symmetry group P3m1, Mustansiriya Madrasa, tessellations.ca

Tessellation in symmetry group P3m1, Mustansiriya Madrasa, tessellations.ca

The Herat design below is accomplished in KaleidoPaint with two lines, using the symmetry group P6m. Took me a while to figure this one out!

Herat inspired tessellation, tessellations.ca

Herat inspired tessellation, tessellations.ca


Abd al-Samad design


Alhambra design


My attempt at Karraquan design


The Damascus design

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