Dog tessellations — Post # 100!

Celebrating my “100th post” on this blog with an all dog tessellation carousel of images.

All drawings about dogs. A few new ones that I have not yet revealed on the blog. Some are spectacular, where all the shapes nest into each other perfectly. Others, you can see all that tweaking and compromising (essential in tessellations) never really arrived at one hundred percent. Many fisheye lens point of views and a few cheats. All done within the first year of this blog. Hope you enjoy this carousel of images. Below it, the list of drawings with the symmetry group used to create each one.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Couch Kartoffel (Symmetry Group Pgg)
  • Dachshund (P6)
  • Dog Walker (P3)
  • Fifi at the Salon (Pm)
  • Four dogs (P1)
  • Mmmm Cookies (P1)
  • Poopers with Pink Bandanas (p6)
  • Snoozing, Snoring, Drooling Cascade of Dogs (Pg)
  • Guess Who’s Sleeping? (Pg)
  • Snoozing 23.5 Hours a Day (Pg)
  • Spot the Dog (P4)
  • Three Dogs (P3)
  • Puppy Training (P4g)

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