Refining a tessellation — a frog animation

My first ever tessellation, redrawn from scratch, to show the series of steps required to achieve a successfully nested shape.

The original image was a pencil sketch from years ago. Before Windows 3.1 and way before the iPad. And I could not afford an Amiga computer, even less the first Mac. So cardboard, pencils, scissors and lots of graph paper it was.


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Here is the original drawing, from quite a few years ago.

My first tessellation, Frogs, ©1988

My first tessellation, Frogs, ©1988 Francine Champagne

2019-01-18; Look what I found on the web. Beautiful pottery designs by Paula Diaz-Sylvester. The exact same tessellation grid used above for the frogs. Also found in the Alhambra. Same P4g symmetry group.


Finally did locate M.C. Escher’s sketch of the above design. Located it in Doris Schattschneider’s book, Visions of Symmetry. From my observations in multiple books and online, it seems he did not take the outline to anything further than this sketch.

M.C. Escher sketch

The closest Tile I could locate online, that would have been the inspiration for Escher’s sketch, was a tremendously eroded tile, seen below, the row below the tree-like friese.

Decorative geometric detail in the Alhambra, city of Granada, Spain.

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