A nested shape, from start to finish

I’ve chosen a pattern from an Islamic geometric design as inspiration to get started for this tessellation. Looking at the photo, we can see four mirrors intersecting at ninety degrees to form a box. In the centre, a four way rotation point. Those kites have bilateral symmetry. They are tied together, head to head, tail to tail, and their elbows touch at the four way rotation point. This is a common layout found in P4g symmetry system. A bit rigid for my taste, but an easy one to accomplish.

Image from Eric Broug's FB group on Islamic Geomic Design

Image from Eric Broug’s FB group on Islamic Geometric Design

Cycle through the images below to view the process of refining a few basic lines, the kite from above, into a more complex tessellation.

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2 thoughts on “A nested shape, from start to finish

  1. I immediately saw eagles in that shape, then saw it transform oito something completely different. Very cool.

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