Help me reach the cookie jar, please!

Nested shape tessellation in P6

Totally enjoying the “realign” function in KaleidoPaint. Not only does it unskew the symmetry’s grid, but it also sets the grid to the same view. This is what makes it possible for me to share short animations of my tessellation processes.

For this post, I’ve chosen symmetry group P6. This tessellation is built into a matrix of honeycombs. At the centre of one hexagon is the six way rotation point. On the edges of the hexagon, an alternation of three way and two way rotations. There are two lines to draw. The first line is drawn along the edge of the hexagon, from a corner point, this is a three way rotation point, to the middle of one segment, which is where the two way rotation point is located. Wander over the line as you wish, as there are no mirrors in this symmetry group. The second line connects the six way rotation point, in the middle of the hexagon, with any part of that first line. This division of the surface now needs to be tweaked into something recognizable! Or not, depending on your style. I personally like creatures and characters to populate my tessellations.

Cycle through the images below to see where I ended up. Do click on the blue follow button, waaaaay at the bottom, to get notifications when I post a new tessellation or tips on creating your own!

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