Puss ‘n Boots #tessellation is hanging out at the Board Game House in 99mo!

The Nanaimo Arts Council (NAC) has partnered with The Board Game House, in exploiting the new café’s wall space. Because the table space is all covered with board games! A cool place to hang out, play games and munch on snacks. What more do you want. The NAC asked its members to submit “Kid Friendly” artwork. Kids are big fans in my circle, and grade school math teachers! Yeah. Go visit the Board Game House during the month of June, my Puss ‘n Boots tessellation will keep an eye on you while you play a few games.

Puss 'n Boots tessellation by Francine Champagne, ©2014 — symmetry group P3

Puss ‘n Boots tessellation by Francine Champagne, ©2014 — symmetry group P3


Why write 99mo? Because of voice activation for a Google search years ago. “Nine nine mo” is what the software heard instead of Nanaimo. Cute. Google has since learned that it’s a city name. But the shortened version of 99mo has stuck with us.

The Board Game House is a unique venture in the core of downtown Nanaimo. They’re kind of a board game store, kind of a café, and just a really cool place to hang out. This new attraction will be a hit for all ages. Bring your friends, hang out, and play a board game or two while enjoying a delicious snack or beverage.


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