#Tessellation prints, “Dead or Alive” art form

The size of the audience for this type of art-form is microscopically small. When you start talking about your tessellation passion, someone inevitably says, “Ah ya you do that stuff”. From decades ago, “oh ya, I remember your drawings”. Other than family and friends putting up with your gushing obsession, you’re lucky to have a handful of patrons. Math teachers, grade school kids, and a few geometry nerds don’t constitute a large client base, lol.

Even if you happen to get one person within a 100 Km range to want to purchase a print, let’s do the math.

  •  $50.00 cost of the print, ink, process, a decent size paper, 50 x 40 cm, or 20 x 16″
  •  $20.00 for the mat if printed on paper, or the stretcher frame if printed on canvas
  • $120.00 for a proper (yet quite cheap) frame
  •  $76.00 markup for the gallery, if it’s 40%
  • $266.00 total price
  • $297.92 then add PST and GST
  •      $.00 where’s my cut? Should I make more or less than the gallery?
  • $454.72 if I insert at the start of the calculation, a 100 dollar profit for me
  • Yikes. Hey, I can’t even afford to buy my own artwork! I certainly can’t afford to get 30 framed for a show! That would be close to $6,000.00. It’s not going to happen on my end.

I’m seriously thinking of doing a PowerPoint series (I’m very good at that!), put it up on the wall in a digital picture frame and offer small prints, matted and wrapped in a celluloid envelope. At least I know I could afford to buy one, and a few other aficionados as well. Might even put up three or four framed samples, in case a tessellation lover comes along. I wish.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Did mention to the curator of an upcoming show what my vision was. Guess he was not impressed, as he has not yet answered me. Three weeks gone.

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