Many iterations of a tessellation

You Talkin’ to Me?

The final version. A long time coming. Lots of work. Many iterations. A few false off-spurs. Not a horse. Not a centaur. Not human. Don’t know who this is. But definitely seems to be ranting like Robert to Donald on youtube. You Talkin’ to Me?

You-talkin-to-me-tessellation, the recoloured version ©2017 F.Champagne

You Talkin' to Me? tessellation by F.Champagne ©2013-2017

You Talkin’ to Me? tessellation by F.Champagne ©2013-2017 — this one has all creatures with the same colour scheme.

Original sketch 2013

Trying to work out a few problematic areas

“How short you want me to trim that?” was a version with a pair of scissors. He was grabbing the other one’s tail and threatening to trim it. Competition short or free-range Shire horsie short? Too bad I didn’t keep a copy.

Are You Talkin’ to Me? tessellation by Francine Champagne © 2013 — this was sketched with a version of KaleidoPaint that did not yet have the line editing option.

Still not satisfied with the result, this needs more work

Are You Talkin' to Me? tessellation by Francine Champagne © 2013

Reducing the tessellation to a few major lines.  © 2016 — KaleidoPaint now has line editing possibilities

Attempting to resolve all dual purpose lines. Getting close.



3 thoughts on “Many iterations of a tessellation

    • Cool tessellations, and lithographs, block prints… lots of work! May I add your blog address and name to my list of tessellation artists? So few of us. Would be nice to have a cup of coffee and a chat!

      • Francine – Hope you are well. I’m glad you are writing so much about tessellations! I’ve been on your site many times. I recently finished a demonstration at MFA. It was a lot of fun and I talked so much the first day I got laryngitis. All better now. We should chat. You are very prolific in your web updates. Mine are sporadic and I’m not the best writer but I am having fun and enjoy doing this in my spare time. Best regards Mike

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