Mountain Biker Tessellation — another one?

Yes, another mountain biker. But this one drawn in symmetry system P6, that’s one 6-point rotation, one 3-point rotation and one 2-point rotation. Have a careful look at those bike wheels. They are being shared by multiple bikers. Bike Sharing, very popular these days.

 This was the original sketch a few weeks ago, for the Mountain Biker. Potential.
Mountain Biker Tessellation ©2017 F.Champagne

Mountain Biker Tessellation ©2017 F.Champagne

The thing about tessellations and bikes is the white space between the parts, the wheels, frame, roadway… I solved this by adding a photo or a trail map behind my characters.

Parksville Bay

This one is for Moab, Slickrock bike trail in Utah.

Mountain Biker in Moab, over the Slickrock bike trails

I refined the lines and recoloured the six bikers, for easy identification.

Mountain Biker in Errington, the Hammerfest bike trails

Hammerfest Bike Trails

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