Sharing areas within, and thoughts about, #tessellations

David Bailey:  

On the theme of ‘multiple sharing’ (as with ‘Mountain Biker’), are you familiar with the work of Raoul Raba in Zoo Mathématique? He has occasional examples. As a concept, there are not too many artists using this idea in their tessellation work. The premise of ‘economy’ is a pleasing one.


Hi again David,
Did not know of Raoul Raba’s tessellations. Only the kangaroos on the web. So, no, I cannot examine any of his space sharing tricks within a tessellation. I have done many. One blog post “Sharing areas within a tessellation — dual purpose space”, dedicated to the topic, and many more tessellations since. I’ll send you a few links if you want to explore further. Or do a search on my blog.
Cheers (anagram of Escher!)

Below are the few images that I was able to find of Raoul Raba’s tessellations.

If any of you have come across his area-sharing tessellations, please send me an image. Thanks.



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