Fish Stories #Tessellation for Meckie

Hey, nice fish. Do you catch and release? Bit of exageration going on in the drawing as well as in reel life. All bent over and stretched out, imitating the size of his catch, same as stretching reality. Elvis hairdoo. All in good fun. Would be cool to have a long sleeve t-shirt with a measuring tape printed from hand to outstretched hand! 

This tessellation was done using symmetry group P6, one 6-way, one 3-way and one 2-way rotation points.

Fish Stories tessellation, ©2017, Francine Champagne

This is the zoomed-out version


This Fish Stories Tessellation is now available as an art paper print, in the online store. Either click the link here or the “Shop” menu above to see the whole selection of prints.

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