My original Mountain Biker #Tessellation from 1997

This Mountain Biker #tessellation drawing was done before Windows 3.1, before the Mac, before iPads! But after the dinosaurs. 1997. It was the inspiration to do a complete periodic drawing covering the plane, rather than a line group as shown below. Sometimes these drawings take time. Tessellation ideas are a dime a dozen — completed artwork is more rare. Stapled to the upper corner of the graph paper is the cardboard template I used to come up with this nested shape. It is very effective technique and it is still used today to teach the principles of symmetry. It can be shifted on the paper, rotated and mirrored easily.

Mountain Biker Tessellation ©2017 F.Champagne

Mountain Biker

Sometimes we have to let technology catch up to our wants and needs.

Long time ago, I had taken some computer programming courses, BASIC language. This was in anticipation of my needs to use a computer to accomplish some creative projects. But I got discouraged, because it took me an extremely long time to come up with computer language coding to replicate a simple gesture with a pen. Shaking my head, I gave up. The first truly graphic computer platform was the Amiga. What a dream it would have been had I had the funds. Outrageously expensive. But just as well, as it died of its extreme cost, and increasing competition from IBM and Mac. No worries now, we have tablets with affordable apps. Love it!

Cheers, anagram of the word Escher,


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