Could these be called Zentangles?

New word in my vocabulary. Zentangles. Have no idea when this word was invented, but I seem to have been doing something similar since my teen years. Not quite like the three images below as these have a repeating pattern. The ones I drew as a teen were free form black and white doodles, with repetition of similar elements, covering an entire sheet of paper. No structure. Done with my .05 Rapidograph pen. Guess I was Zen back then, already.

Might pop-in at the MAC, they have a tangle workshop on Saturday. Sneak a peek at what this new zen stuff is all about!

Green Gadgets tessellation a.k.a. Zentangle

Zentangle in Symmetry Group P6 ©2018 F.Champagne

Zentangle in Symmetry Group P6 ©2018 F.Champagne

Orange Arrangement tessellation a.k.a. Zentangle

Magenta Mayhem tessellation a.k.a. Zentangle

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