PenDragons, a Pentagonal Dragon #Tessellation

A PenDragon, a dragon tessellation emerging from a pentagonal tessellation. It took a while to complete the final colouring, texturing and shading on these three dragons. They were created using the P3 symmetry system, while I was working through the tiling of pentagons, using the App KaleidoPaint. I have plowed through six of the fifteen monohedral possibilities. The completion of this extensive task will be another blog post, much later this year.

PenDragon Tessellation ©2018 F.Champagne

PenDragon Tessellation ©2018 F.Champagne

I am especially pleased with my progress in learning to use Pixelmator’s potential, a drawing App. There is always a learning curve in mastering software, whatever the platform and tools used. I’m getting there excitingly slowly. Check out the eyes, all painted from scratch!

PenDragon Tessellation ©2018 F.Champagne

PenDragon Tessellation ©2018 F.Champagne, from Pixelmator’s interface

Dragon Tessellation ©2018 F.Champagne

A previous post last week shows the creative process from a pentagon tessellation to the Dragons tessellation in a 7 steps series of images. If it can inspire you to create your own tessellations, then my job is done!

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