PenDragons, a Pentagonal Dragon #Tessellation

A PenDragon, a dragon tessellation emerging from a pentagonal tessellation. It took a while to complete the final colouring, texturing and shading on these three dragons. They were created using the P3 symmetry system, while I was working through the tiling of pentagons, using the App KaleidoPaint. I have plowed through six of the fifteen monohedral possibilities. The completion of this extensive task will be another blog post, much later this year.

PenDragon Tessellation ©2018 F.Champagne

PenDragon Tessellation ©2018 F.Champagne

I am especially pleased with my progress in learning to use Pixelmator’s potential, a drawing App. There is always a learning curve in mastering software, whatever the platform and tools used. I’m getting there excitingly slowly. Check out the eyes, all painted from scratch!

PenDragon Tessellation ©2018 F.Champagne

PenDragon Tessellation ©2018 F.Champagne, from Pixelmator’s interface

Dragon Tessellation ©2018 F.Champagne

A previous post last week shows the creative process from a pentagon tessellation to the Dragons tessellation in a 7 steps series of images. If it can inspire you to create your own tessellations, then my job is done!

This PenDragon Tessellation is now available as an art paper print, in the online store. Either click the link here or the “Shop” menu above to see the whole selection of prints.

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