Create a Nested Shape #Tessellation in any Symmetry Group

Create your own tessellation

This list is to help you get started in creating your own nested shape tessellations. I’m not showing you how to create wallpaper patterns with lots of free space in between, but the true, à la M.C. Escher designs. A tessellation of a flat surface is the tiling of a plane using one or more fluid shapes, called tiles, with no overlaps and no gaps. All of these rules I will explain, can each be put to use using simple paper and pencil. Step by step instructions for each of the seventeen symmetry groups.
Much easier to accomplish tessellations today, using a tablet with KaleidoPaint installed. Android or iOS.

Use the links below to get tricks for each symmetry group

As well as using the “Symmetry Group” links in the table below, do use the search box, over on the right side of this page, to look for examples of the symmetry group that intrigues you.  I’ve done quite a few tessellations since I first posted these technical design tricks, there are better examples throughout the site.

Symmetry Group P1Symmetry Group P1 Symmetry group P2Symmetry Group P2 Symmetry Group P3Symmetry Group P3
Symmetry Group P4Symmetry Group P4 Symmetry Group P6Symmetry Group P6 Symmetry Group PmmSymmetry Group Pmm
Symmetry Group P3m1Symmetry Group P3m1 Symmetry Group P4mSymmetry Group P4m Symmetry Group P6mSymmetry Group P6m
Symmetry Group PmgSymmetry Group Pmg Symmetry Group CmmSymmetry Group Cmm Symmetry Group P31mSymmetry Group P31m
Symmetry Group P4gSymmetry Group P4g Symmetry Group PmSymmetry Group Pm Symmetry Group PggSymetry Group Pgg
Symmetry Group CmSymmetry Group Cm Symmetry Group PgSymmetry Group Pg


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