Pentagonal Derivative #Tessellations

Pentagon grids

Pentagonal Derivative #Tessellations: just a short fancy way of saying that I used a grid built up of pentagons to come up with these two designs. It was quite a blast and a struggle last year (it’s not yet a complete project) to re-create all of the ways that a surface (plane) can be equally divided using pentagons.

Symmetry systems

I wrote three posts on the topic and will list them at the bottom of this article. Although they are more related to wallpaper patterns than nested shapes, it is still a good exercise in training your brain to think with rotation points, reflections, translations and glide reflections. All of these could expand on a complex nested shape to build a collection. Using the same colour scheme as the complex drawing, an additional simpler pattern can be matched to go along with it. In the months to come, I hope to be able to post a few of these ideas. Collections and colourways.


Using the same 8 step method listed in my previous post Re-Creating M.C. Escher’s Lizard #Tessellation, I started with a grid of pentagons. These grid systems I built from scratch, so they are all ready for me to edit within KaleidoPaint. Simply duplicate the KP file and start shaping the flat edges in edit mode, adding control points, moving them around, converting to corner points and adding vectors as required. Sometimes it works superbly.


Hard to believe eh! Below, another experiment in using pentagonal grids as a base for a tessellation. Introduces another element of wonder.

Below are the links to the three articles I’ve written about Pentagonal Symmetry.


Pentagonal tiling #tessellations, Part 1

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Pentagonal tiling #tessellations, Part 3

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