#Tessellation Challenge

Once in a while, a design pops up in my field of view. Eyebrows rise and I immediately try to figure out how it is built. Which symmetry group? How many lines? I spotted this vase from Paula Diaz-Sylvester on Facebook. A beautiful mesh that intertwines across the surface, entirely made up of circles.

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Definitely, I can see mirrors in there, right down the vertical space between the circles. There are probably a few symmetry systems (Pmg or Pgg) where you could recreate this design, but I’ve chosen to try Pmm for now.

No rotation points in this Pmm symmetry system, it is built of four mirrors. I can see a possible 2 point rotation in the middle of the square, inside the amoeba space, but that would be another symmetry system. It’s a matter of tweaking the control point locations, in order to get exact curves.

I think I was able to solve it! Nice simple textured expanse, that keeps your eye moving around the paths of over then under.

Intertwined Circles Mesh, F.Champagne 2019



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