Lai Tsi #tessellation

Eck Master makes another appearance

Lai Tsi was an Eckankar Master from ancient China. He is easily recognized by his pointy little red hat. That is exactly what happened while I was sketching, tweaking a line in KaleidoPaint. Once I see a possibility, I run with it. Go with the flow, follow the hints and I will eventually find a way. A long process of give and take so that both sides are happy.


Symmetry system P31m, requires only one line to accomplish a nested character — from one of the triangular mesh’s corners, to the middle of the triangle’s three way rotation point. One single line to tweak for success. I’ve written on the topic before in a previous post about symmetry group P31m.

I snapped a few screen grabs as I was working, sometimes I suspect it’s a good work session. The main character was defined in one app, KaleidoPaint, and recoloured in a second app, Pixelmator.


The previous time that Lai Tsi made an appearance was a few years ago, and in an entirely different medium. I had named my carved mask Serene Moon. A large piece of white pine that was gifted to me by a friend. I later on received quite a few comments that the mask reminded them of Lai Tsi. So I renamed the mask.

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