#Zentangle #Cadent as a #tessellation

Having fun with a few Zentangle patterns. This one is called #Cadent. A simple grid of circles is all that is needed to get going with this pattern. If you are drawing it by hand, link identical S curves between all the dots in a cascading chain of repetition, then rotate 90 degrees and repeat in this new direction.

There are quite a few examples on the web. Iā€™m a newbie here.

Googled on the web.

This example shows there are dozens of ways to shade, colour, delineate a cadent pattern.

Image by Margaret Bremner

I am concerned by the way in which it repeats, which symmetry group is used to accomplish the cadent pattern. I can see repeated 4-way rotation points. They are identical in every way but in the final shading that is traditionally applied.

In the case of using KaleidoPaint to achieve this pattern, use P4 symmetry system. One large dot, directly on a 4-way rotation point, and a single line spiralling from the dot, and away towards the next one, no need to complete it all the way to the other rotation point, as it will reach out to join itself. Easy!

Below, a series of practice pieces, from the simple to the more complex and colourful. A minuscule sampling of possibilities.


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