The #Artist #Tessellation v3

Originally sketched in 2016, this Tessellation I’ve redone quite a few times. As I get better skills with the software, I try new versions. This will be the third version, and this time done entirely on the iPad.

Photoshop used to be my choice for bitmap editing, hands down. But they did not do us a favour when they migrated to a monthly subscription. To me, it was a money grab, and removed the user’s freedom in keeping any old version we were comfortable with. I also don’t need a desktop computer anymore for these drawings. My iPad, and a few affordable apps, that’s it!

Below is the original sketch of The Artist Tessellation.

Artist tessellation by Francine Champagne, ©2016 — Symétruc d'artisteArtist tessellation by Francine Champagne, ©2016 — Symétruc d'artiste

Looking a bit too depressed, I redid the sketch into a few simple single lines. The original version of KaleidoPaint at the time did not allow any line editing. I asked the app developer, Jeff Weeks, if he could program an eraser. But he did much better, he gave me the option to tweak the lines, the curves, the corners, delete the line, modify their thickness and their colour. Applause for Jeff!

Below is the rebuilt version, using simple singles. The colouring was done on a desktop computer with Photoshop. It definitely has a different feel to it than the original. It’s a question of taste, sometimes the sketch is better.

Took me a while to find the perfect app on the iPad, one that I could comfortably use for all my tessellation recolouring needs. I must have tried a dozen or so, till I found Pixelmator. Best one for my needs.

Below, I’ve upgraded the Artist Tessellation with some texturing and shading. He seems to like it better than the sketch. Who knows what the next version will look like!

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