Mr. Ruffles #Tessellation

For some unknown reason lately, symmetry group P31m has been number one for my latest efforts at creating tessellations. I’m not a big fan of mirrors in nested shapes, by far I prefer the fluid lines of other symmetry systems. Well, this guy showed up as a vampire in its original sketch.

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One you have a good set of outlines, simply challenge yourself with the possibilities. Originally thought it might be a cute vampire, due to the wide collar area that was available. A few tweaks and I turned him into a Renaissance personage. Maybe a 16th century doctor handing out cannabis ointment. Doctor Ruffles.

Here is the recoloured version, done in Pixelmator, and a slight zoom in to show the shading accomplished on the faces.

Doctor Ruffles tessellation, ©️2019
A zoom-in on Doctor Ruffles.

Voilà, until next time, cheers!

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