#Camouflage it is not #tessellation

Started off trying to do camouflage, but ended up with a #Zentangle kind of design. Friday afternoons at the McMillan Arts Centre (the MAC) are lining up to be a quite productive time slots as artist in residence. First day on the job, I came up with the Great Blue Heron tessellation. And yesterday, this one.

Another fluid construction where I strive to make the edges disappear on the repeating unit cell. Not an easy task. It may be easier to accomplish in some symmetry systems, more so than others. This tessellation or pattern was built in symmetry group P2, a series of four 2-way rotation points, alternating across the surface.

Now, back to the drawing tablet, to continue my task of coming up with a camouflage pattern. I’ll try not to get extravagant!


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