Dog Daze Collection Mock-ups

Pattern designs can be applied to so many surfaces it boggles the mind. For this ensemble, the Dog Daze Collection, I’ve come up with quite a few mock-ups and continue getting ideas for more. The images below show quite a range of industries, from fabrics for dog beds, cushions and couches, rugs, doggie bandannas, t-shirts, boots and canvas sneakers, puzzles. The list is endless, have a look. Let me know if I’ve missed something that might be cool!

Click on the thumbnails to view a larger version of these Dog Daze mock-ups. I could keep on going forever doing mock-ups, but this series will give you a good idea of possibilities.

I am seeking to licence this pattern collection to industries that have a keen interest in dogs. This might be dog bandannas, upholstery and fabrics for dog beds (or dog-obsessed humans), sports sneakers for dog-walkers, dog-lover carry bags, packaging for dog products…

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