P6m Symmetry — Yuckiest Group (of FIVE)

Trying to cram a character inside this tiny triangle, surrounded by mirrors is a pain in the keister. I have steered clear of this symmetry group for the simple reason that I’m not a fan of mirrors in tessellations. The only time I like mirrors is for the bilateral symmetry in a humanoid form. Those I’ve done lots. My latest love was Mr. Ruffles, a cutie from a few centuries ago. This time, I’ve managed to stuff “FIVE” of them in there!

Lemme see now, there’s the:

  • Puffy Shirt Dude with the Flappy Toque
  • The Green Alien, floating around like the one in Wall-e the animation
  • The wannabe Robin Hood that really wants to be a cowboy
  • The blue skirt chefette
  • and a chipmunk filling in the rest of the space

How’s that for a cram job! Don’t think I’ll turn this one into a “Fine Art” print, LOL.

Other P6m tessellations I’ve done that are successful were: Notched Louis Cubes, Snowflakes, Flower of Life. The other ones are just all too weird.

An incredibly restrictive symmetry group, all these five characters stuffed in a tiny triangle, copied 12 times around their rotation point. It works. Somewhat.

Cheers, till next time,


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