Ball Crusher, is a German Shepherd tessellation

Okay, so it’s not exactly the best hashtag to use, but she does destroy every ball we’ve ever given her. She even plays tennis ball tug-o-war with her best mate. This tessellation created in symmetry group P6, a favourite.

Ball crusher of a dog #tessellation, our so totally ball-obsessed  #germanshepherd . The original outlines for this nested shape, where it is quite apparent where the rotation points are: 6-way (tip of the human head), 3-way (pinkie toe area of his right foot)) and 2-way (doggie eyeball).

The full colour tessellation: In this version, the recoloured characters. It is not the easiest thing to modify the hues within a P6 symmetry, 6 is just too much, 3 probably ok, 2 still a little confusing. 

And a single extract of the two characters, the human and the doggie ball crusher. A bit difficult to see the two characters in these  #nestedshapes which is why I’m giving you a single extract.

 If you are interested in learning how to do these nested shape tessellations, sign-up, and I will let you know when the #Skillshare series comes out.

Tennis Ball Tug-o-war!

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