Tessellation Topic: Covid 19

Kinda difficult not to be affected by the main topic on the world stage this year. I have watched the news, read the news, lived the news like everyone else. It would be nice to forget everything, but we need to get through this, for some unknown reason. As such, below, are my Covid (un)-inspired sketches and completed tessellations, all together now. Isn’t that a Beatles’ tune?

My most recent tessellation deals with school kids and their return to classes, or not. Physical distancing , mask wearing and hand washing are the new 2020 concerns (I hate that they mostly use the words “social distancing”). I adapted a sketch from a few years ago, one that used symmetry system Cm, which basically means two parallel movements of the characters, one being a mirror, the other being a glide.

Have a look and let me know if you can spot any of my symmetricks!

And another tessellation, when everyone went nuts after re-opening. That. Was a mistake. The one below id called “Hairdressers Run with Scissors”, done using symmetry group P3. Her smock is a tessellation called “Fifi at the Salon”, in symmetry group Pm. I’ve written about Fifi before. Fifi is the dog in there.

The last tessellation in this Covid-19 series is not really an actual nested shape, but the technique and topic are the same as above. A bit darker in overtones.

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