Funny Bones Tessellations

A few nested shape tessellations and quite a few patterns, bones and skulls and skeletons. All done up using the more complex symmetry arrangements I love to use. The simple patterns being the rather common stacks, half brick and tossed or random layouts. Maybe it’s because it’s October and Hallowe’en is looming.

I might eventually add those bone patterns and tessellations to my collection of face masks on the Etsy shop. A few of those bones patterns date back to the Dog Daze collection, but most are recent. Some frivolous sketches, some complex layouts.

Went to Paris once. My sister dragged me down into the Catacombs. Over two hundred years ago, the city needed to respectfully store bones from many cemeteries they needed to dig up and move out of city centre. Old quarry tunnel networks, dusty, smelly, gruesome, got drafted as bones storage. The movers got creative in placing them down there. Respect? Boredom? Interesting concept, all along many kilometers of pathways, or so it seemed to me. Google it! Man, I creeped out after a while and was just short of running to get the #@^& out of there! Darn sisters and the things they make you do.

Here you go, have a peek at these bone tessellations and patterns.

Who knows, in a previous life, maybe I was one of those stiffs stacked in there. Or one of the lucky ones to get a job with the City of Paris moving bones to the tunnels. The mover/stacker with an artistic bend. LOL.

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