My Best in Each Symmetry Group — P6

Surprisingly, I never would have thought that this symmetry group would end up being a favourite. A tight area where a 6-fold rotation occurs, at the corner of a triangle. The other two corners offer 3 way rotation and 2 way rotation. This repeated 6 times in a hexagon. This is the nerdy way to explain it, not really the best way. Twenty five in the slideshow below!

Only 2 lines to draw in this symmetry group to enclose your nested shape. Link the two and three way rotation points, with a nice wavy or rambling line. Then from anywhere on that line, link it to the six-way rotation point. I’ll be showing all of these techniques in video format once the Skillshare classes are complete. Sign up to get updates on the classes release date on my mailchimp page.

  • Brodie's Pockets tessellation with an updated colour scheme, by Francine Champagne, ©2016 — Symétruc des poches de Brodie
  • Cellphone Zombies tessellation #4, Francine Champagne ©2017,
  • Djeeewizz it's hot out today tessellation by Francine Champagne ©2016 Symétruc Kifacho
  • Do Look Back tessellation by Francine Champagne, ©2018, with updated colours
  • Fish Stories tessellation ©F.Champagne
  • Help me reach the cookie jar, please! A tessellation by Francine Champagne
  • Kevin Lumsey, a.k.a., Diversity Tessellation, ©2018 F.Champagne
  • Put Her Right Here Babe tessellation, ©2018 F.Champagne
  • Sock Puppet tessellation by Francine Champagne, ©2014
  • Magenta Mayhem tessellation by Francine Champagne, ©2015 — Symétruc fouillis magenta

See if you can locate the three different rotation points!

Hope you enjoy.



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