My Best in Each Symmetry Group — Pmm

This symmetry system has got to be my least favourite of all seventeen groups. Four different mirrors forming a box. Ew. The House of Mirrors in horror movies. It can be useful if you’re trying to tessellate four different characters that all have bilateral symmetry.

In a few cases, I’ve used the free space between those four characters and introduced a free-form figure, in the case of Gelbe Karte, that’s German for yellow card, the four mirrors are occupied by the Ref, Ribery, Hoewedes, and Asamoah, and the free form in the middle is Kolasikak. So. If you have a project that needs four figures with bilateral symmetry, and maybe one other, this is the symmetry group you should try.

Sometimes the mirrors are used, sometimes ignored. And sometimes, not exactly where you thought they were. Not too many examples to show you here, as it’s not really in my top five symmetry groups!

I’ll be showing all of these techniques in video format once my Skillshare classes are complete. Sign up to get updates on the classes release date on my mailchimp page.

Hope you enjoy.



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