#goodbye2020 — the year’s topics

How we felt, what we were talking about, what we were living, our concerns, our comforts, all were 2020-related conversations: That I converted to my favourite graphic style.

  1. Wash your hands (Like 100 times a day!)
  2. Covid School Kids (What are they thinking about all this?)
  3. Black Lives Matter (Explosive global movement)
  4. Hairdressers Run with Scissors (We were always told not to, but they certainly did back in May 2020)
  5. Ollie and Daughter (Hmmm, maybe about the speed of the economy)
  6. We Need a Vaccine (Still waiting, and for a while still)


Still more tessellations from 2020, weirdly reflecting our mental state, some at a stretch anyhow:

  • FIVE Characters in P6m (Jeez these guys are way too close together))
  • Kharraquan Five with Penguin (6 feet apart PLEASE)
  • Heron 3 — (Disjointed SNAFU C-19 style heron)
  • Blythe Intaglio (Spending too much time on Google Earth)
  • Deadheads Skulls and Skeletons (May as well laugh a bit)
  • Mme Matraque (Please stop, enough with the only two NEWS topics of 2020)
  • Beehive Hairdoo (Watching retro movies, I’ve run out of everything else)
  • There are no Knights in Shining Armour (Stop dreaming that it will all go away)
  • Eck Star, Zee, and HU, (Eckankar bits to counterbalance the rest)

I guess all this spare time has been fruitful.



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