D. T. = D. T. , a tessellation in symmetry group Pgg

It started off quite innocently. Futzing with a geometric construct from a few months ago. Watching the news, drinking my morning coffee. Sometimes I don’t know where these ideas come from, I just sense that my process might get me somewhere. Let the flow of intuition come. I kept on saving progress shots, 12 of them. And I can tell you, I was quite surprised at the outcome. Cathartic as I’ve heard.

The 12 step process for the creation of this #tessellation. In case you are wondering DT also stands for domestic terrorism. #goodbye2020 still biting at my heels. Must let go. Leave it all behind. Let it fade away. Hope for the future.

Tomorrow is January 20, 2021. Change.

A few static images from my tessellation. Donald le lâche, se cache. With his golf club.



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