St Francis of Assisi Tessellation

Last week it was the kindly old gentleman Bernie and his Mittens that appeared in my tessellations. This week, another kindly old gentleman, St Francis of Assisi. Weird. Probably an unconscious knee-jerk response to the tessellation from the week before that, DT=DT, was kind of mind-numbing. I’m balanced now!

Here is a 12 step video animation of the creative process. Seeing design issues, solving these issues. Where to place different parts, bird, wolf, hood, arms, feet, robe, wolf tail, bird tail, all jostling for space. Give and take. Compromise. This side of the line vs. the other side.

This nested shape was built in symmetry group Pg, two different parallel glides. At the start of the video, the grid is on, and you can see where the glides are located, and where the figure rises and mirrors itself.

A few more images below, that show the full tessellation and a single character extracted from the plane.

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