It’s my Yellow Stage

It’s my least favourite colour. Yellow. But I’m making progress. Had some wicked dreams all in yellow light. We’re into Rubber Duckies for the eBikes lately. Cute, a bike horn, but more of a squeak. Not obnoxious. Not a jolt for pedestrians we might sneak upon. These duckies have a light, more like a flashing disco glow, and nothing to shine your way home about. And they are a great conversation starter.

So far so good. Nine symmetry groups for nine tessellations. All different. Another eight groups to tackle. Wonder if I’ll ever get there.

You might notice, some of them are more like patterns than tessellations, as there is open space between the characters. Just trying to wrap my head around all the symmetry systems using the ducky shape. I will eventually get there. (only three left, as of June 3!)

What’s nice about the ducky shape is its versatility when it comes to nested shapes. It has potentially two really round shapes in its belly and the top ot its head. It has any number of pointy options as well, from the beak, a head crest, one or two wingtips and a tail. Depending on the symmetry system chosen, you can knead your shape into any crevice that shows up while playing with your shape’s perimeter. So there, that’s my theory!

Nine symmetry groups tackled with a single topic, eight groups to go!

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