Another tessellation class is LIVE!

This time, we will zero-in on symmetry group P3, the Three Cozy Buddies is how I like to call these character arrangements. Humans, animals, birds and fish, or geometric designs, the topics are endless. If you know the artist M.C. Escher, then you’ve seen his wonderful tessellations.

All you need for this class is a good dose of imagination, an iPad, and a stylus. No need for advanced drawing skills. No math skills. No geometry jargon. No programming.

And the KaleidoPaint iPad app is free!

Learn to create tessellation patterns with easy step-by-step lessons and plenty of examples. You will be drawing true nested shape tessellations in no time at all. Just like MC Escher. No cardboard, no scissors, we will dive into all the symmetry groups over the next while. Using your iPad tablet, I will show you all the tricks I have learned in the last decade of drawing nested shape tessellations using KaleidoPaint. You will become a tessellation artist!

Free KaleidoPaint app

Head over to and start tessellating, the classes are listed below the profile.

Here is a sample video, the Introduction to this class: (the only talking head part of the series!)

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Three classes about creating tessellations are up on Skillshare as of today, December 23, 2021!

Get ready to dive into another method to create nested shape tessellations. This class will show you how to use a pre-set grid of rotation points within the KaleidoPaint app (free!) to draw an enclosed tile that repeats perfectly in a three-way rotation system with only two lines to draw. No math, no jargon, no programming. All you need is a good dose of imagination and the the desire to tweak it to perfection. Ride along with my instructions, my magic sentence, easy.

There are 17 methods to divide a surface into identical tiles, using different operations: repetition, rotation, reflection and glide reflection. And a billion possibilities for your patterns.

I hope you’ll join me on this wonderful journey into the world of tessellations, one symmetry method at a time. 

Cheers! (an anagram of Escher)


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