KaleidoPaint iPad App Help

Coming this Fall, a new version of KaleidoPaint. Can’t wait. Here you will find:

  • What’s new video
  • Jeff’s help files
  • Some youtube videos
  • Skillshare classes on the different symmetry groups
  • Help files on previous versions

Jeff’s What’s New fall of 2022 version #

  • Entire app re-written in Swift and SwiftUI.
  • File browser lets you organize your drawings into folders.
  • File browser supports iCloud Drive as well as local storage on device.
  • Color picker offers a choice of five color selection methods (grid, spectrum, sliders, eyedropper or hex code) and a user-customizable saved-color palette.
  • Separate line color (“paintbrush”) and fill color (“paint bucket”).
  • You can copy the color of any dot, line or filled region directly to the paintbrush or paint bucket.
  • You can copy the thickness of any dot or line directly to the paintbrush.
  • Options to “change all of same color”, “change all of same thickness” or “delete all of same color”.
  • Exports images to any folder.
  • Option to export drawings with transparent background.
  • Adjustable parameter for less vigorous or more vigorous line smoothing.
  • Simple slider-based interface to adjust drawing’s aspect ratio and shear.
  • Default grid alignment is now consistent among the symmetry patterns 2222, 2222, 222, 22*, 22×, **, *× and ××, in the sense that mirror lines and rotation points agree, to make it easier to see the relationships among those symmetry patterns.
  • Symmetry panel now positions the buttons for the families (**, *× and ××), (22, 22×) and (2222, 2222, 2*22) consistently, so you can easily see what symmetries change and what symmetries stay the same as you switch from one pattern to a different pattern in the same family. This also lets you see how the drawing’s symmetries relate to the pattern’s name in orbifold notation.
  • Many thanks to Francine Champagne and Amber van Hoek for their extensive help improving KaleidoPaint. It wouldn’t be nearly as good without them.
  • Special thanks to Francine for creating the icons for the symmetry pattern buttons as well as for her instructional videos and web pages.
  • Special thanks to Amber for creating KaleidoPaint’s elegant icon.
  • Thanks to Geneviève Crabe for additional testing.

Youtube videos:

youtube main page link

Die Tausend Raben, a tessellation by artist Koloman Moser, recreated using KaleidoPaint

Dandelion art in symmetry group P6m

Random Hexagons pattern

Cairo Tile pattern

Full list coming soon

Skillshare classes on the different symmetry groups (WIP):

The Mirrored Triplets (a.k.a. P31m, wallpaper group 11, Orbifold 3*3 …)

The Three Cozy Buddies (a.k.a. P3, wallpaper group 2, Orbifold 333 …)

Up / Down, Left / Right (a.k.a. P1, wallpaper group 0, Orbifold 0 …)

Head to head, elbow to elbow, feet to feet (a.k.a. P4g, wallpaper group 12, Orbifold 4*2 …)

Super Simple Quickies (all of the above symmetry groups, all under 60 seconds!)

More classes coming this fall

Help with previous version of the KaleidoPaint iPad app

List coming soon

One thought on “KaleidoPaint iPad App Help

  1. Merci Francine! Ever since I discovered KaleidoPaint in one of your classes, I’m hooked. Looking forward to the new version. Are they beta testing? I would love to be in on that.


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