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In the previous five classes we learned the first three symmetry methods used in creating nested shape tessellations and patterns. Mirror, rotation and translation. This class introduces and explains in depth, the fourth symmetry operation, the glide reflection. It was one of M.C. Escher’s favourites, having accomplished 25 drawings using this symmetry method.

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Koloman Moser, another artist from before Escher’s time also used this tessellation method. We will study the symmetry group that I like to call “THIS WAY — THAT WAY” with examples from these two Masters, as well as many contemporary tessellation artists from around the globe.

We will skim the various possibilities when coloring artwork for easy as well as pleasant effects. And as a side benefit, we will use the new KaleidoPaint, version 3.0, and cover a few of the new menus and tool locations and attributes.

All classes can be found on my main teacher page. Or follow the specific links below the video.


Adding Glide Reflections to your Repertoire:
THIS WAY — THAT WAY symmetry group

Class six

Rekindle your Love of M.C. Escher Tessellations
Head to head, feet to feet, elbow to elbow symmetry group

Class one

Just like M. C. Escher’s Tessellations:
The Mirrored Triplets symmetry group

Class two

M. C. Escher Tessellations:
The Three Cozy Buddies Symmetry Group

Class three

This was M. C. Escher’s favorite:
Up/down left/right symmetry group

Class four

Digital Patterns: Super Simple Quickie Patterns
Four symmetry groups covered

Class five

Six classes about different tessellation methods. All have been posted on the Skillshare e-learning platform. The powers that be at Skillshare have upped the class performance requirements. I’m teetering on the edge of their statistics. I was not aware of these requirements till now. I guess I haven’t done enough marketing for my classes, like all artists, it’s not one of their most cherished tasks.

Tessellation afficionados, are a small group of people, and you’re one of them if you’re reading this. My classes have received excellent ratings and reviews, but it seems not enough. So. I’m in need of minutes watched for my six tessellation classes and more reviews.

I need you now.
My latest class, a symmetry method I’ve coined THIS WAY — THAT WAY, is up on Skillshare.
Please view and leave a review!
You can get one month free access, with any of the above links to the classes.

All classes can be found on my main teacher page.



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