About Feene

Come to think of it, all of this surface filling may have started at a younger age. I remember doing hours of doodling with my rapidograph pen, drawing with no care of structure, a free flow of images, shapes, interlocking creatures, people, objects, faces. No blank spaces.

A Crystal Symmetry lecture at Carleton U in the winter of ’88 was the catalyst that opened the door to the wonderful garden of tessellations. As M.C. Escher once said: “In mathematical quarters, the regular division of the plane has been considered theoretically. Mathematicians have opened the gate leading to an extensive domain, but they have not entered this domain themselves. By their very nature they are more interested in the way in which the gate is opened than in the garden lying behind it.”

I believe I have entered the garden, wandered and wondered. Explored. Stretched the possibilities, sketched the possibilities, and raised my eyebrows at the graphic results.

Hope you enjoy wandering around these pages.
Many of these designs are available for print on the society6.com/feene website




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