About Francine

Francine Champagne, Artist

I’ve explored and challenged my interest and skill in both two and three-dimensional art from the start of my creative life; never settling for one over the other.

My early artwork was very much like the Zentangle phenomenon of today, but undisciplined using a technical pen and India ink. Art school quickly wiped that approach away from me, with sermons about Noble media of the past Masters.

Eventually I found my way back to 2D space-filling with the chance purchase of an M.C. Escher book; now I had justification for an obsession. My early successes were expressed as screen prints and the new Giclée method.

I strayed back into 3D exploration with cast masks and later expanded into wood
as I carved masks, bowls and plaques. Collaborating on a 34-foot-tall totem pole project at Vancouver Island University was a lifetime highlight.

Currently I’m working in overlapping media and diving back into tessellations with renewed passion and novel tablet tools. Having previously kept the two disciplines separate, now the competing artistic media of 2D and 3D are merging in my work as a complete collaboration of dimensions of carved tessellations.

My surface pattern designs can be licensed for any of your projects. Contact me using the form below and we can discuss!

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