To all the Hairdressers I’ve Met

To all the Hairdressers I’ve Met. Thank you for making me feel nice.


I’m not a fan of stainless steel instruments flying around my head at fifty miles an hour (it seems), sharp or not. In this category, obviously, hairdressers, but also dentists. I have yet to do a dentist tessellation, but have many hair related tessellations. Here goes.

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Digital Show at the MAC/OCAC, summer 2020

The MAC, McMillan Arts Centre in Parksville BC is located in the old turn of the century schoolhouse on Jensen. They recently repurposed the children’s cloakroom into a digital corridor, six TV monitors showcasing local artists. The theme for the next few weeks is “SURFACING”, a digital exhibit exploring the themes of surfacing from isolation and fear to renewal and emerging hope. Seeing as most of you are not travelling too much lately, here is the video I’ve included in the show.

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